What are Blast Cabinets?

A Blast Cabinet is a unit where an abrasive blasting process is utilized inside a closed loop system.

Unlike the conventional blast pots, the cabinets allow the operator to blast the workpiece, keeping the spent abrasive contained inside protecting the operator and surrounding area while recycling the abrasive continuously.

Types of Blast Cabinets

There are two main types of blast cabinets known as Pressure Blast Cabinets and Siphon Blast Cabinets. The most effective of the two is the pressure blast cabinet which utilizes a pressurized container to blast the workpiece resulting in much higher productivity, brilliant for high volume blasting.

Siphon cabinets, also know as suction cabinets, use much less compressed air and are generally smaller units making them perfect for smaller workshops or lower productivity environments.

Siphon cabinets use a compressed air stream inside a siphon blast gun to create a vacuum in a chamber creating a negative pressure, pulling the abrasive into the nozzle whereas the Pressure Cabinets push the abraisve out of a pressurized vessel, through a metering valve and out of the nozzle.

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