Choosing The Correct Abrasive

Here at Applied, we manufacture and supply a range of blasting abrasives of various grades. Selecting the right abrasive media for the job is essential for achieving the desired finish and maximise productivity and efficiency.

For example, our coarse Applied crushed glass abrasive is ideal for removing extra heavy coating from structural steel, tractor wheels, agricultural equipment and bridges whereas if used on aluminium, it would damage the surface leaving an unacceptable finish. Conversely, using abrasive that is too fine will reduce productivity and may not clean the surface adequately. The wrong abrasive will produce a poor finish, hinder production and efficiency, may require rework or even all three.

Choosing our Applied blasting media ensures your safety as many abrasives contain silica which is a by-product when blasting with sand which can cause silicosis, a debilitating lung disease.

An important factor for choosing the right abrasive is the abrasives particle size. Fine abrasives will remove thin coatings, giving the required profile which is ideal for use on aluminium, wood, alloy wheels, car parts and etching.

For jobs such as removing paint from sheet metal, removing graffiti or removing light mill scale, a coarse abrasive will be required to maximise efficiency. As the job gets tougher such as heavy coating on structural steel, ships, farming machinery and bridges, the abrasive will need to be coarser to maximise production and efficiency.

The hardness of the abrasive must be more than the coating, otherwise the dirt will be cleared off without clearing the coating. To help you choose the correct abrasive please see a list of our Applied crushed glass grades and their ideal applications.

APPLIED ULTRA-FINE (0.2 – 0.01mm)

Ideal for use on softer metals such as aluminium and wood, commonly used for alloy wheels, car parts/panels and etching. Particularly useful for decarbonising engine components or cleaning turbine blades where dimensional stability must not change.

APPLIED FINE (0.2 – 0.5mm)

Ideal for removing paint from car/tractor panels such as the roofs and bonnets, removing graffiti and removing light mill scale. Particularly useful for the removal of rust, scale, sand or paint from fabricated components.

MEDIUM (0.5 – 1.0mm)

Ideal for removing heavy coatings from structural steel, tractor wheels, agricultural machinery, equipment and masonry. Particularly useful for surface preparation of steel before painting, bonding or other coating operations.


Ideal for blasting surfaces with zero damage to glass, bearings, seals, rubbers, electrics, pneumatics and hydraulics. Particularly useful for engine rebuilding, mould remediation, smoke remediation and delicate surfaces.


Ideal for blasting metal surfaces to produce an amazing polished finish. Can be used on thin walled surfaces and welds. Particularly useful for honing, peening, blending, finishing and removing slight burs.


Ideal for blasting in confined spaces where use of low dust abrasive is necessary and in places where water contamination is a concern. Particularly useful for blasting dry docks, bridges, shipyards, hanger decks and denim blasting.

Questions Or Queries?

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