Spillane Case Study

The Client

Spillane Precast Concrete, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.

The Problem

Spillane Precast Concrete is a company based in North Tipperary, Ireland specialising in the manufacturing of precast concrete products including roadside kerbing. While manufacturing the kerbing, Spillane experienced problems with concrete building up on the walls of the steel mould thus making it difficult to remove the kerbs once set without damaging them.

Spillane researched various processes, which could possibly be used to remove the concrete build up and discovered that abrasive blasting with the correct abrasive would remove the build up from the walls of the mould.

After discovering that sandblasting was the correct process, Spillane went about finding a supplier of blasting equipment in order to carry out the job.

After contacting numerous suppliers, Spillane decided to purchase an Applied 40 Litre abrasive blast pot as they found that Applied offered the best value when they compared like for like.

The Result

Spillane can now easily remove finished kerbs from moulds as concrete built up on the walls of the moulds is easily and quickly removed using the Applied 40 Litre abrasive blast pot.

Client Comments

Barry Spillane:

“Applied were very good to deal with and offered us great advice and value for money”.

Questions Or Queries?

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