Air Cooling Controller & Air Flow Controller

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The Applied Air Cooling Controller & Air flow Controller are designed to control the incoming air from the respirator airline system before it enters the respirator helmet.

Whatever compressor is used, heat will be generated from the compression process but our Air Cooling Controller will control and prevent hot air being fed into the operator’s helmet.

The Air Flow Controller is a cost effective alternative to the Air Cooling Controller, and can be utilised to control the air flow where cooling of the air is not required or necessary. A lever on the controller allows the operator to adjust the temperature.


Key Features

  • Both Controllers come complete with a nylon waist belt to attach the, to the operator’s waist
  • Thick plastic exhaust shield protects operator from warm exhaust air
  • Durable waist belt fabric
  • No moving parts, lightweight design
  • Belt and controller can be adjusted with gloved hands
  • Doesn’t require batteries or electrical power
  • Uses a static vortex to cool the air
  • Maintains positive pressure inside the respirator helmet
  • Increases productivity by keeping operator cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather


  • Durable waist belt fabric construction up to 50 inch waist
  • Pressure requirements:
    5m – 25m requires 90 Psi
    25ft – 40m requires 95 Psi
    40m – 65m requires 100 Psi
  • Quick connect to respiratory airline hose
  • Weight: 0.85 kg
  • Can reduce incoming air temperature up to 19⁰C, providing comfortable air temperature
  • NIOSH and CE certified

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