Aquablaster Xtreme Blasting Machine

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From wet to dry blasting at the touch of a button

A game-changer from the experts in portable blasting technology.

From the team who brought you the award-winning Applied Classic Range, now comes our latest innovation; the new Applied Aquablaster Xtreme 100; a best-in-class combination of smart engineering with simple, user-friendly design. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

You asked. We answered.

Since we founded the company over a decade ago, we’ve always listened to our customers. So when those customers asked if we could create a dustless or wet blasting machine – built to the same high specification as the Applied Classic range – we took on the challenge. The result? Our new Aqualblaster Xtreme 100 – a high performance blasting machine that transforms from dry blasting to wet blasting at the push of a button.

So many uses within your grasp…

The Applied Aquablaster Xtreme 100 is a gift to blasting contractors or hobbyists working on projects that require both wet and dry blasting.

In wet blaster mode, the lack of heat or friction makes it the ideal companion for delicate jobs such as car restoration or boat cleaning, as it won’t warp or damage the steel car panels or fibre glass boat hulls. Plus, with with in control of the air/water pressure, it’s gentle enough for wood restoration.

Also, the reduction of airborne particles during operation makes it the cleaner, greener choice, without compromising on performance.



From Dry Blaster to Wet Blaster at the push of a button

For projects that require both dry and wet blasting, the Applied Aquablaster Xtreme 100 delivers flexibility, at the push of a button. And with a continuous blast time of approx 25 minutes, it means minimum downtime and maximum productivity.

Double Diaphragm Water Pump

The air-operated water pump is capable of drawing off and pumping water from any water supply, making it ideal for jobs where access to a standard water outlet is limited.

Dual Water Filtration System

The blasting machine’s water hoses are fitted with a double-filter system to prevent unwanted debris getting into the pump.

Concave Top & Steep Conical Bottom

The blasting machine’s concave top allows for rapid filling, which is then sealed automatically by a heavy-duty pop-up valve. While the steep conical bottom ensures that all blast media flows down to the metering valve.

Corsa II Abrasive Control Valve

This high performance abrasive metering valve gives the user precise control of the amount of abrasive in the airflow. This ensures maximum abrasive efficiency, which in turn means better performance and lower operational costs.

Remote Control System & Silencer

The compact remote-control system, including dead man switch, puts the operator in control of the machine at all times.

High Pressure Moisture Separator & Pressure Regulator

For optimum blasting efficiency, the high CFM moisture separator removes unwanted moisture from the air supply. While the pressure regulator enables precise control of the air supply, allowing the optimum blast pressure to be set.

Independent Pressure Gauges

Lined-up across the top of the stainless steel dashboard, the three pressure gauges are clear and easy-to-read, ensuring accurate monitoring of the different pressure systems.

Claw Couplings

For a quick set-up with no delays, the claw couplings ensure that all hoses can be connected easily and securely.

Polished Stainless Steel Dashboard

The machine’s impressive stainless steel dashboard is corrosion-resistant, plus it can be easily removed to enable quick access for servicing and maintenance.

Heavy Duty Wheels

The Applied Aquablaster Xtreme 100 stands on two heavy-duty, 4-ply pneumatic tyres mounted ontosteel rims, for optimum mobility.

Made in Ireland – Approved across Europe

Like all of the industrial equipment we make, we’re proud that the Applied Aquablaster Xtreme 100 is designed and manufactured in the heart of Ireland at our HQ in Birr, Co. Offaly. And of course, all our machines comply with the European PED and carry the CE mark.

Tech Specs

Aquablaster Xtreme Specifications

Media Capacity: 100 litres
Tank Diameter: 420 mm
Height: 1260 mm
Weight: 144 kg
Piping: 1 inch
Blast Time: 25 minutes (approx)
Dashboard: Polished Stainless Steel
Blast Pot Exterior: Powder-coated in Applied Green

Double Diaphragm Water Pump Specifications

Maximum fluid working pressure: 100 psi (0.7 bar)
Maximum/minimum air pressure: 100 psi/20 psi (0.7 bar/1.4 bar)
Maximum fluid flow: 5.0 gallons per minute (18.9 litres p/min)
Maximum pump speed 320 (dry) cycles per minute: 250 (wet) cycles per minute
Volume per stroke: 0.006 gal (23 cc)
Volume per cycle: 0.012 gal (46 cc)
Maximum suction lift dry: 8 to 10ft (2.5 to 3 m)
Maximum size pumpable solids: 0.06 in (1.5 mm)
Maximum air consumption: 9.0 scfm (0.252 m3/min)

Air Power = Water Power = Blasting Power

The water consumption of the Applied Aquablaster Xtreme 100 is infinitely variable and depends on the air pressure going to the pump, which is controlled via the water pump pressure regulator. To put it simply, the more air pressure, the faster the pump (more water used).


A blasting machine that’s as busy as you

The arrival of Applied’s Aquablaster Xtreme 100 is a game-changer for anyone who has ever used a standard blasting machine and wished it could do more.

The combination of wet and dry blaster in the one machine greatly increases its potential applications for both professionals and hobbyists.

Particularly in wet blaster mode, where the absence of heat build-up prevents damage when working on delicate car panels, fibre-glass boat hulls or wooden structures.

  • Removes paint, primer and rust and other contaminants quickly and easily.
  • Ideal for work on delicate fibre-glass hulls and aluminium fittings.
  • For professional hobbyists, restorative work is easier, cleaner and quicker.
  • Minimum dust-residue makes it ideal for work in built-up areas.


What's Included

No Lengthy Set-up

When you order your Applied Aquablaster Xtreme 100, it will arrive ready for you to use. Every machine comes complete with:

  • 10 metres of heavy-duty Blast Hose
  • 10 metres of heavy-duty Water Supply Hose
  • 10 metres of heavy-duty Water Feed Hose
  • 10 metres of twin-line Remote Control Hose with quick release couplings
  • Aluminium Water-Induction Nozzle with long-life boron carbide insert
  • 10 metres of Air Supply Hose with quick claw couplings
  • Applied’s 12 month warranty

Questions Or Queries?

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