Airline Filter

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The Applied Respirator Airline Filter is a top of the range filter designed to minimise odours, airborne particles, oil and water mist from the compressed air stream before entering the operators respirator helmet.

This free standing, single outlet filter is the perfect product for the user seeking “best of the best” in operator safety. Comes complete with pressure regulator, pressure gauge and relief valve to optimise safety.


Key Features

  • Fitted with pressure regulators and gauges to allow monitoring of the filter condition
  • Dual action quick disconnect airline fittings
  • Manually operated moisture drain as standard on all units
  • Operational temperature range of -20⁰C and + 60⁰C
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Protects operator from airborne particles harmful to operators lungs
  • Rapid filter can be easily changed with an Applied Filter Cartridge including new flanges, locking ring and seals
  • Capacity for the increase air supply pressure delivered by modern compressors


  • Impact Resistant Housing
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction With Powder Coated Finish
  • Includes ¼”Ball Valve with Tap, Helmet Hose Connector ,Claw
  • Connector for Main Compressor Hose and Pressure Relief Safety Valve
  • Weight: 16.20 kg
  • Pressure Capacity: 150 Psi
  • NIOSH, CE And AS/NZS Certified

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