Applied Siphon Blast Cabinet

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The Applied Siphon Blast Cabinets offer unbeatable reliability having a minimum number of moving parts, requiring less maintenance than a direct pressure system. Our Siphon Cabinets blast continuously without the need to pause to refill cabinets but produce a similar finish with low maintenance and low initial cost.

The pressure blast cabinets can be designed and manufactured to customers specifications and size requirements with hundreds of options to suit every customers needs.

Give us a call with your idea and we can design and manufacture your perfect cabinet!


Key Features

  • Heavy Duty Safety Foot Pedal to allow full control over blasting pot.
  • High quality powder coating inside and out for long lasting colour and durability.
  • Moisture/Water Separator. assisting in the remcnral of the moisture/water from the incoming compressed air supply to the blast pot, thus helping to ensure that the abrasive does not become damp.
  • High performance. low maintenance and quite dust extractor.
  • Perforated steel flooring for abrasive separation and filtering.
  • Heavy duty blast gloves.
  • Front control panel including the required switches and gauges.
  • Heavy Duty gas struts to allow for maximum safety when opening the cabinet.
  • 2 High luminosity SMD Internal Lighting for maximized visibility.
  • Integrated metering valve and air pressure regulator.


All Applied Siphon Blast Cabinets are equipped with all necessary fittings, connections, etc.

  • Dimensions: Customer Specific
  • Cabinet Material: Heavy Duty Steel (Inner Abrasive Resisitant Rubber Lining)
  • Power Required: 220V (Standard Household plug)
  • Compressor Power Requirement: Nozzle Size dependant


Examples below:

3mm nozzle @ 90 psi requires 6 CFM
6mm nozzle @ 90 psi requires 18 CFM
8mm nozzle @ 90 psi requires 36 CFM


Each Blast Cabinet is supplied complete and ready to use with:

  • Heavy Duty Blast Hose
  • Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
  • 10 Meters of Air Supply Hose, complete with Quick Claw Couplings
  • Electrical Remote Control System
  • Spare Screen Visors, Nozzles and Seals
  • Suitably Sized Dust Extractor
  • 12 month Warranty

Questions Or Queries?

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