Climate Controller

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Our Applied Climate Controller is at the forefront of the latest technology that can cool or heat air supply to a respiratory helmet.

Designed with a durable metal body construction and temperature adjustment lever, the operator can control the temperature of the air with gloved hands to maximise breathing comfort and increase productivity. Compressed air is simply fed into the inlet manifold and exits the unit either cooled or heated depending on the operators preferred setting.


Key Features

  • Gives operator full control of incoming air supply conditions
  • Can reduce incoming air temperature by up to 15⁰C from ambient air temperature or increase by 30⁰C from ambient air temperature
  • Durable waist belt fabric
  • No moving parts, lightweight design
  • Belt and controller can be adjusted with gloved hands
  • Doesn’t require batteries or electrical power
  • Uses a static vortex to heat/cool the air
  • Maintains positive pressure inside the respirator helmet
    Increases productivity by keeping operator cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather


  • Durable waist belt fabric construction up to 50 inch waist
  • Pressure requirements:
    5m – 25m requires 90 Psi
    25m – 40m requires 95 Psi
    40m – 65m requires 100 Psi
  • Quick connect to respiratory airline hose
  • Weight: 0.85 kg
  • Can reduce incoming air temperature up to 15⁰C or increase by 30⁰C
  • NIOSH and CE certified

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