Filter Adapter Kit

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The Applied Respirator Filter Adaptor Kit is specifically designed to replace old filters that suit respirator filters that use flanged style cartridge. This service kit allows operators to benefit from both the cost savings and efficiency advantage of using an Applied Respirator Filter Cartridge.


Key Features

  • Fits Any Flanged Style Cartridge Respirator Filter
  • Comes Complete as a Full Filter Service Kit
  • Adapter Kit Can Be Supplied Without Filter Cartridge If Required
  • Highly Absorptive Filter Materials Reduces Unwanted Airborne Particles Significantly
  • Several Layer Filtration Effectively Traps Oil, Water, Particles, Odours And Organic Vapours
  • Large Capacity Allows For Longer Periods Of Filtration


  • Reduces Odours, Oil Mist, Water Mist, Airborne Particles and Dust From Entering
  • Operators Respirator Helmet
  • Polyethylene Housing
  • Includes Flange, Locking Ring and Seals
  • Weight: 2.12 kg
  • Pressure Capacity Of 150 Psi
  • NIOSH, CE And AS/NZS Certified

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