Fina Abrasive Control Valve

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The Applied low profile Fina Valve offers one of the highest degrees of abrasive metering adjustment. This permits precise, constant abrasive flow to the blast nozzle, resulting in significant cost savings due to virtually no abrasive wastage The Fina Valve may be used with all abrasive types from soft to plastics through to aggressive metallic.

The simple design of the Applied Fina valve permits easy dismantling to remove obstructions or for maintenance. A hardened steel plunger and orifice assembly meters abrasive flow to the nozzle. Abrasive flow adjustment is via a metering knob that adjusts the depth of the plunger into the orifice.


Key Features

  • Hardened steel plunger for long operating life, lasts longer than carbon steel
  • Urethane plunger sleeve for smooth operation and precise abrasive metering
  • Easily dismantled for servicing and maintenance
  • Corrosive Resistance
  • Precisely meters any abrasive
  • Hardened valve pipe casing, lasts 10 times longer than other brand nipples on the market
  • Reduced downtime with very few components


  • Very precise metering adjustment
  • Urethane sleeve lasts 4 times longer than a rubber sleeve
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Smooth and long lasting operation
  • Can be connected to various size pipes using connecting nipples

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