Fine Crushed Glass

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The Applied Fine Crushed Glass Abrasive is a very high quality, sharp, clean, powder-fine and tightly graded blasting media. Perfectly suited for blasting cars, tractors, vans, etc.

Produces a clean, bright, satin finish without damaging or altering the surface leaving a perfectly suited finish prior to spray painting.


Key Features

  • No detectable crystalline silica
  • Sharp angular particles for aggressive profiling
  • Safe to handle
  • Low particle embedment (less than 2%)
  • Suitable for wet and dry blasting
  • Less blasting media required
  • Translucent dust for increased visibility and operator production
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled container glass
  • Chemically non toxic and inert
  • Can be sold per bag or per tonne of 25kg bags at unbeatable prices
  • Reusable up to 4 times


  • Removing paint from metal or wood surfaces
  • Removing corrosion, rust, concrete from steelwork
  • Cleaning headstones
  • Removing paint from sheet metal (Car panels, tractor panels)
  • Removing light scuffs and burrs
  • Cleaning many steel materials without warping, excessive profiling or damaging the surface
  • Removing graffiti and lightweight mill scale
  • Perfect for preparing new fabrications prior to paint spraying

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