Nozzle Washer

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The Applied Rubber Nozzle Washers are designed to be located within the nozzle holder, and provide a seal between the rear face of the blast nozzle and nozzle holder. Correct sealing between the nozzle holder and blast nozzle is vital to prevent premature wear of both the nozzle and nozzle holder.

Manufactured from moulded natural rubber, all nozzle washers feature a pliable, yet durable, hardness of 65-70 Shore. The nozzle washers are available in a number of sizes to suit both aluminium and nylon type nozzle holders.


Key Features

  • High resistance to abrasive
  • Moulded natural rubber
  • Pliable yet durable
  • Lightweight
  • Provides exceptional sealing
  • Available in a number of sizes


  • Hardness of 65-70 Shore
  • Natural Rubber
  • Suit both aluminium and nylon nozzle holders

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