Pop Up Valves & Sealing Ring

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The Applied range of blast machines feature a Pop Up Valve inside the blast pot which allows blasting media into the pot while the pot is deactivated. Once the pot is activated via the remote control system, the pop up valve automatically pushes up against the concave top allowing an air tight seal.

Our pop up valves are designed to ensure a 100% seal during operation and feature very hard wearing and long lasting material. We also stock and supply replacement parts for the Pop Up Valve assembly which includes the threaded replacement stem and the rubber sealing ring.


Key Features

  • Automatic pressure sealing pop-up valve
  • Allows fast pressurization of the blast pot
  • Durable reinforced rubber design
  • Long operational life
  • Fits any size Applied blast machine
  • Replacement head, stem and sealing ring available


  • Vulcanized rubber mushroom head
  • Hardened steel stem construction


Spare Parts:

  • Rubber sealing ring I.D: 92mm and O.D: 130mm, 160g
  • Steel replacement stem

Questions Or Queries?

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