Remote Control Valve

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The Applied Remote Control Handle, also known as the Deadman’s Handle gives the operator the ability to remotely activate or deactivate the blasting abrasive flow using a pneumatic system. With this ability, productivity will increase dramatically and also reduce costs by controlling when the blast pot shoots out abrasive.

Our control handles feature a spring assisted safety tab to ensure increased safety and eliminate accidental activation of the blast pot. The handle is connected directly to the blast pot control valve using a twinline hose and when the handle is pressed by the operator, the bleed orifice is closed off allowing signal back to the blast pot control valve thus activating the blast pot.


Key Features

  • Increased production rates
  • Abrasion resistant material
  • High grade material
  • Minimal hand fatigue
  • Two step action to press in safety tab and push down handle
  • Broad handle design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Reliable design configuration


  • Quick connect to pneumatic airline hose
  • Weight: 0.42 kg
  • Additional pneumatic control line and fittings are available
  • Fail safe design
  • Replacement and service parts available
  • NIOSH and CE certified

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