Sidewinder Angle Blast Nozzle

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The Applied Sidewinder Angle Blast Nozzles are designed for inaccessible areas where conventional blast nozzles cant reach. Instead of a front outlet on the nozzle, they are located on the side at an angle of 45⁰.

This nozzle is the perfect tool for getting into pipe internals, behind ledges, flanges of beams and inside cavities. They can be sued to suit numerous applications and almost any compressed air supply.


Key Features

  • Greatly reduced labour costs
  • Extreme durability
  • Lower compressor fuel costs
  • Can be used with nearly any compressed air supply
  • Only slightly reduces abrasive velocity
  • Superior Performance
  • Tungsten Carbide insert with robust Aluminium Outer Jacket
  • Our range of blast nozzles have a 45⁰ Blast Angle



  • Long Lasting, Durable Tungsten Carbide Inserts
  • Short Series Nozzle
  • Standard 50mm coarse contractor thread and 32mm NPSM Thread
  • High Quality
  • Aluminium Jacket for protecting metal core

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