Soda Blasting Abrasive

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The Applied Soda Blasting Abrasive is specifically intended for blasting with our specified Applied XTREME 40 soda blasting machine. 100% economically friendly and pH neutral while being the most gentle blasting media on the market.

Using soda as blasting media will ensure there is absolutely no damage to the substrate weather it is an antique wooden clock or blasting wooden window frames. Soda is the finest blasting media on the market and will not scratch, etch, warp, pit or distort surfaces but will remove all paint, rust, grease, etc.


Key Features

  • <2.5 on Mohs Hardness scale, explodes on impact
  • Specifically formulated soda for blasting
  • Ensures even and consistent flow
  • Extremely soft, will not create a profile, generate heat, inflict any damage on soft metals and safe to use on polished stone, rubber trim, glass, etc.
  • Only blasting media that will not etch or frost window glass
  • Can degrease any kind of equipment without compromising the surface
  • Can remove teflon
  • Water soluble, non-sparking, inorganic, silica free, non toxic and non hazardous


  • Removing corrosion, rust, concrete from steelwork
  • Denim blasting
  • Removing heavy coatings from structural steel
  • Clean heavily soiled brick, stone and wood
  • Perfectly suited on old and delicate structures and materials
  • Removes tough coatings, paints and heavy duty grease from both delicate and sturdy substrates
  • Fire damage, smoke damage, mold remidiation, parts manufacturing and cleaning, automotive and boat depainting can be blasted easily with soda media

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