Spartan Helmet

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The Applied Spartan Sand Blasting Helmet combines a breakthrough protection technology with advanced comfort and functionality. The Spartan Helmet is utilised to protect the operator from dangers associated with abrasive blasting; flying and ricocheting abrasive, excessive noise levels, and the dust generated by the shattered abrasive and coatings. Designed to optimize safety, minimize operator downtime and increase productivity.

This sand blasting helmet will prove to be a worthwhile investment. Our Spartan helmet uses an airline hose to feed the helmet with fresh clean air evenly through the helmet to the operator. Comfortable inner foam padding ensures comfort to the operator.


Key Features

  • Enhanced Comfort, Less Fatigue, Better Protection and Improved Productivity
  • Protects operator from the health hazards associated with abrasive blasting
  • Lightweight Pillow Foam Padding, Distributes The Weight Of The Helmet Evenly Over The Head
  • Rigid Polyethylene Outer Shell
  • Protects Operator From Dust Hazards
  • Removable & Washable Inner Padding For Cleanliness and Sanitation
  • Substantially Large Viewing Area
  • All Padding Can Be Adjusted To Maximise Comfort
  • Replacement Outer Visors Available in Packs of 20, Inner Visors Available In Packs Of 10


  • Sound Absorption Inner Foam
  • High Impact Resistance Outer Shell
  • Airflow Vents Designed To Keep The Operator Cool With No Leakage
  • Weight: 3.00 kg
  • Mould Shaped To Evenly Disperse Incoming Air Around Operators Head, Neck and Face
  • Tough Nylon Outer Cape with removable/washable neck band
  • Quick and Easy Visor Replacement
  • NIOSH and CE Certified

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