UniFlo Valve

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The Applied UniFlo Control Valve is an air operated inlet/outlet valve utilised to control the supply of compressed air into the blast pot. In its un-activated or closed position, the valve shuts off the compressed air supply to the blast pot, and simultaneously opens the pots outlet port to release any compressed air contained in the blast pot. Operation of the UniFlo Control Valve is via a pilot air signal from the operator depressing the PanBlast AirFlo Control Handle.

Upon receiving a pilot air signal from the depressed AirFlo Handle, the UniFlo Control Valve will instantaneously open, thus permitting the pot to pressurise and supply compressed air to the blast hose. Simultaneously, the UniFlo valve closes the pot outlet port, thus sealing the blast pot.


Key Features

  • Bolt on cap provides easy access to piston and seal
  • Anti vibration assembly to prevent control knob from moving
  • Durable outer body
  • Lightweight design
  • Easily dismantled for servicing
  • Doesn’t require batteries or electrical power
  • Spring design provides long life decreasing downtime
  • Seals prevent dust or rust within the valve


  • Quick connect to pneumatic airline hose
  • Machined aluminium internal parts for resistance to corrosion
  • High quality internal rubber parts for long operational life and excellent sealing properties
  • Weight: 2.50 kg
  • 32mm (1-1/4”) inlet/outlet ports and 19mm (3/4”) exhaust port
  • NIOSH and CE certified

Questions Or Queries?

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