Varimount 350 Compressor

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Versatile Design for Practical Solutions

With each new range of Applied machines, we deliver greater innovation and design-improvements. Our new Applied VariMount 350 PTO Compressor, as the name suggests, can be used on both the rear and front of a tractor, greatly increasing its flexibility and useage potential.

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Key Features

Patented Design & Technology

Our confidence in the market-appeal of the new Applied VariMount 350 PTO Compressor is evidenced by the fact that we’ve patented the innovative design and engineering that went into its development and manufacture.

Applied MAGNUM Air End

At the heart of the Applied VariMount 350 PTO Compressor sits the impressive MAGNUM air end – incorporating its own gearbox and built to produce an impressive 350 cfm. With just two moving parts – the asymmetrical profile rotors – contact only occurs on a lubricated pitch-line, so wear is virtually eliminated.

Patented Pneumatic Control System

Working outdoors in all weathers is no place for electronics.  With pneumatic  controls, your Applied VariMount 350 PTO Compressor can withstand the harshest working environments.  If you can stand it, your compressor should too.

Oil-Cooler Fan

As an essential part of the Applied VariMount 350 PTO Compressor, the fan is designed to the highest specification.  Delivering all the cooling power required to keep the compressor oil temperature regulated, which means continuous and safe operation, plus minimal downtime for you.

Compact Size

At only 1.2 m3 and an operating weight of 1190Kg the Applied VariMount 350 PTO Compressor can be easily mounted onto the rear or front linkage of your tractor.

Durable Finish

The chassis and other main compressor components have been hot-dipped, galvanised and powder-coated to ensure longevity and durability in the harshest working conditions.  The main exterior frame has also been given the popular Applied Green powder-coated finish.

Detachable A-Frame

We’ve also designed the Applied VariMount 350 PTO Compressor with a standard detachable A-frame, which means it can be mounted and taken off your tractor quickly and easily.


When it’s not on the front or rear linkages of your tractor, the Applied VariMount 350 PTO Compressor can be easily moved around by pallet forks.

Optimum Accessibility

The Applied VariMount 350 PTO Compressor’s intelligent design layout ensures that all maintenance parts are easily accessible via a cover that’s easy to open, which means minimal downtime for you.

Cost & Environmental Savings

Unlike other mobile compressors with mounted diesel engines, Applied VariMount 350 PTO Compressor shares your tractor’s engine.  It’s a two-for-one, which also means your diesel emissions are immediately halved.

Safety Aspect

Instead of dealing with the challenges of towing a standard mobile compressor, simply mount Applied VariMount 350 PTO Compressor to the rear or front of your tractor and you’ve got air-power on the move


Volume flow: 5.0 – 10.2 m3 /min

Operating pressure: 13 Bar 189 Psi

Compressor weight: 1190 Kgs

Filling capacity: Engine oil 20 Litres

1.2 Height (m)
1.1 Width (m)
1.32 Depth (m)
2 x 11/4 BSP Air outlet (in)

Power Requirements: 
Rated speed 540 – 1000RPM
Shaft power >70 KW

Colour: Powder coating Applied Green

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